Tile Roof

Tile Roof

Tile Roofing has become more popular as the years have passed, making it a luxury style with a touch of a coastal aesthetic. For example, they serve as being pretty versatile with its earthy tones and serves as a great source of roofing as it tends to be relatively cost-efficient.

There are several advantages to going with a tile roof such as being able to be versatile with what you are wanting to get out of the roo. Most of which will involve either clay or concrete tile while being able to fit together properly with the slight curve of the roof making it customizable to almost every style you could ever imagine.

  1. Concrete and Clay tiles: They tend to come in a huge variety of colors and are customed to fit the needs of the homeowner if they want an unfinished or glossed coat. They are able to mold to a shape that’s most suitable for the homeowner’s needs whether it’s flat, fluted or interlocking that could work with any home design. These are most popular in traditional European-style homes.

  2. Slate tiles: These tend to relate back to the neutral tones and carry very similar advantages that the concrete and clay tiles provide. In addition, the longevity and durability of slate tiles tend to be a little strong than those of concrete or clay tiles.


Durability with any of the tiles mentioned above, is extreme. They are able to resist fires with extreme heat as well as rot, insects, and any other pest or animal you could think of on your roof. They are also superior when it comes to weather damage such as wind, hail, rain, snow...etc.

The longevity of having tile roofs such as clay or slate for more than 100 years, having been applied and set properly. Generally, the best option when choosing tile, would be Slate with most of them being able to withstand weather conditions up to 100 years in some cases. Speak to one of our experts at Storm Safe Roofing today if you’d like to learn more about how tile roofs are able to protect your home at (256)-615-1903.

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